Feeling super drained every day after work since I got back. Any free time (don’t have much of that) is spent watching Sherlock… which I got super addicted to…oops… and eating popcorn. Anyway I have tomorrow off so I’ll be cleaning the boys’ tanks, which probably means pictures (yaay) I’m home but I miss my pets because I’m too tired to life. 

Spent weeks stressing over my math PDE rewrite in June only to get the results back saying I didn’t pay the rewrite fees, when I know for a  fact I did. ARE YOU SERIOUS.  I PAID. I CRIED I WAS SO STRESSED STUDYING FOR A BS EXAMS WORTH HALF YOUR FINAL GRADE. Now I can’t even see my grade because they didn’t mark it since I “haven’t paid”. UGGGG




Just finished season two of Sherlock and I have to go to bed because I work tomorrow. Can’t complain because other people had to wait two years for season 3, as I am reminded by a friend. BUT STILL OH MY DUCK. WHAT.

just wait till you fucking watch the end of season three. Not. Even. Okay.

I’ve been warned and I’m not sure I was totally prepared for the amount of feels in this show….