I strongly dislike this time of year because it gets so flippin hot in my house. Nimrod’s terrarium gets to 82 and it makes me nervous that she’ll over heat, even though we have 4 fans up here. Moving her to the basement is like a 20 degree drop and that can’t be good for her. This stupid weather lasts about a week and I never know if I should move her or not ug. 



Guys can we signal boost how bad it is to release pet fish into the wild;
it is bad for the pet as well as the environment. Cold temperatures,
starvation, and predation can easily kill aquarium fish. Fish are exposed to all kinds of exotic diseases in the aquarium trade;…



cub petting = created by someone who wanted a little extra money because who wouldn’t spend money to hold a tiger/lion

cub petting = stripping cubs from their mothers at extremely young ages

cub petting = breed then strip, breed then strip, breed then stip, etc.

cub petting =…



First of all: HELL YEAH I GOT THE JOB!!!!

Now let me show you the betta section at my work! Everyone of them has an own tank (except the females) and they have plenty of space to swim!

I feel so bad for the cute blue white plakat. He lives there for months now and noone wants to buy him.
They also have this gorgeous green halfmoon. I swear I’d have bought him right away if I had another free tank!

 tyrannosaurustristyn said: That or she just saw a happy new hidey cave made of fluffy fabric to explore. By the way, I’m starting to work with Gizmo (my less shy gecko) and handwalking in the bathroom where he/she can’t disappear on me! ;D

She was probably like OH DARK HIDEY PLACE LETS GO! NO NIM NO. UG! That’s so exciting :D I hope Gizmo takes to you well! I just got Nim to start walking onto my hand when I stick it into her terrarium. That only took two years :P It’s crazy to think she used to run away and wedge herself where I couldn’t reach just to avoid me! Just be patient with their shenanigans and keep it up :D !!!!